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Beer Batter Bananas with Chimay Sabayon
Brandied Peach Shortcake
Caribbean Watermelon
Cheese & Fruit Platter
Colonial Williamsburg Apple Relish
Dried Cherry and Nut Torte
Fresh Fruit Beignets
Fresh Fruit Pizza
Frozen Yogurt with Frozen Berries
Fruit Crisp
Grand Marnier Cranberry Relish
Lemon Blackberry Pie
Lemon Curd
Melon Gelees with Honeydew Melon Soup
Melon with Honey & Rum
Port-Soaked Figs and Gorgonzola Crostini
Raisin Compote
Rum-Raisin Baked Apples
Spiced Pear and Fig in Phyllo
Strawberry Shortcake
Watermelon Granita
Wild Blueberry and Peach Pie
Wild Maine Blueberry Cobbler