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Cranberry Cosmo
Makes 1 Serving
*2 ounces ice-cold premium citron-flavored vodka
*1 ounce triple sec
*2 ounces cranberry juice
*Squeeze of fresh lime juice from a wedge of lime
*Twist of lemon zest for garnish
1Fill a martini glass with ice cubes and water; let stand 1-2 minutes until glass is chilled.
2Fill a martini shaker with ice. Add vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice and lime juice and shake vigorously until the outside of the shaker feels icy cold.
3To serve, discard ice water from the martini glass. Strain the chilled vodka liquid into the glass. Garnish with a thin strip of lemon zest.
  • Store gin and vodka in the freezer to keep the liquid icy cold for cocktails.