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Sesame Tuna Loin Seared Blue, Lobster Gyoza, Tamari Miso, Shiitake Mushrooms & Sake Tobiko Emulsion
Makes 4 Servings
*1 tsp. each chopped garlic, ginger and shallots
*8 oz. chopped lobster meat
*Salt and freshly ground black pepper
*12 gyoza wrappers
*1 cup sake
*1/4 cup rice vinegar
*1/4 cup mirin
*1 tsp. pickled ginger
*1 tsp. bonito flakes
*1/4 cup heavy cream
*1/2 cup cold diced butter
*2 tbls. red tobiko
*1 cup shiitake mushroom caps
*1/4 cup tamari
*1 tbls. red miso
*4 (4-oz.) tuna loin steaks
*1/2 cup gomashio (seasoned toasted sesame seeds)
*1/4 cup chicken stock
*4 oz. wakame, reconstituted and shredded
1Saute chopped garlic, ginger and shallots. Add to well-minced lobster meat. Season and mix well.
2Lay out gyoza wrappers on a dry surface. Place a teaspoon of lobster mix in the middle of each, brush edge with water and fold over to seal.
3Combine sake, rice vinegar, mirin and pickled ginger in a sauce pot. Reduce until only a few tablespoons of liquid remains. Add bonito, swirl around for a second or two and pour through a fine striner into another pot. Add cream and reduce by half. Whisk in cold butter and stir in tobiko.
4Saute mushrooms over medium heat until starting to soften. Add tamari and miso and slowly cook down until dry.
5Coat tuna in gomashio. Sear for a minute on each side.
6In another saute pan, heat some oil. Place gyoza in pan and allow to sear well. Add a little chicken stock, cover and steam for a minute.
7Heat a little oil in a wok. Add wakame and stirfry for a minute just to heat through.
8To serve, spoon mushroom mixture onto the center of 4 plates. Slice tuna into four slices and alternate layers of gyoza and tuna slices over mushrooms. Ladle sauce over and around. Garnish with stirfried wakame.
Chef Mark Giffin, Bish World Cuisine, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada