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London Broil with Mushroom-Onion Gravy
Makes 4 servings
*1/2 tbls. solid all vegetable shortening
*salt and pepper, to taste
*1 1/2 - 2 lb. London Broil (Angus top round steak)
*1 package dry onion soup mix
*2 tbls. A-1 steak sauce
*1 10 3/4 oz. can cream of mushroom soup
*2+ cans water, as needed (use soup can)
1Heat shortening over high heat in dutch oven until very hot.
2Sprinkle both sides of beef with salt and pepper. Add to hot oil and sear both sides until brown.
3Add onion soup mix, steak sauce, soup and 1 soup can of water. Mix together.
4Cover and cook over medium-low heat, turning at 15 minute intervals, until meat is tender, about 1 1/2 hours. Add 2nd can of water, and additional as needed, to make thick, rich gravy.
5Slice across grain and serve with mashed potatoes and gravy.