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Grilled Peaches with Vanilla Cream and Cinnamon Sugar
Makes 6 Servings
*6 large ripe peaches
*2 tbls. butter, melted
*6 tbls. granulated sugar
*1 tbls. cinnamon
*1 cup whipping cream
*1 tsp. vanilla extract
*1 piece Betty Crocker Chocolate Dessert Decorations for garnish (optional)
1Cut peaches in half and remove pits. Brush with melted butter.
2Separately, mix sugar and cinnamon together to combine.
3Combine cream and vanilla and whip with an electric mixer until soft peaks form.
4Lightly spray a clean grill rack with non-stick spray to prevent sticking. Place peaches on grill rack and cook, turning frequently, until streaked with grill marks, about 6-8 minutes.
5To serve, place 2 peach halves on a plate, sprinkle the peaches and decorate the plate with cinnamon sugar. Top with a dollop of vanilla cream. Garnish with chocolate dessert decoration.