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Hock of English Ham Terrine
Makes 8 Servings
*5 lbs. raw bacon knuckles, soaked 24 hours in water (water changed twice)
*4 oz. sweet potatoes, cut into a small dice and blanched
*4 oz. new potatoes, cut into a small dice and blanched
*4 oz. red pepper, roasted, peeled and cut into a small dice
*4 oz. frozen peas, blanched
*1/2 oz. freshly-milled black pepper
*4 oz. chopped herbs: parsley, chives, chervil
*10 oz. haricot blanc (white beans), soaked for 24 hours and then cooked until soft
*2 oz. garlic, finely sliced
*50ml (approx. 1/4 cup) olive oil
*25ml (5 teaspoons) good quality balsamic vinegar
*3 oz. rosemary, finely chopped
*3 oz. thyme, finely chopped
*8 large sprigs of chervil, for garnish
1Cover the knuckles with fresh water and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer for approximately 2-3 hours (skimming off any scum as it forms) until the meat is almost falling off the bone. Remove from heat and allow to cool in the liquid.
2When cooled, remove any excess fat from the knuckles and then shred the meat with your hands into a bowl. Pass the stock through a strainer and put a little in the refrigerator to see if it sets. (If it does not, then put back on the stove and boil rapidly for 10-15 minutes and then try again. If it does not set the second time, use some gelatine.) Reserve.
3Mix the potatoes, red pepper and peas into the meat and season with the pepper. Mix in the herbs and combine well making sure that you do not break down the meat too much.
4Add approximately one ladle of the stock so that the mix is a little moist and then put all of the mix into a terrine mould that has been lined with cling film. Fill to the top and then press slightly. Leave a mild weight on top and chill overnight.
5For the bean salad, fry off the garlic in a little olive oil and then add to the beans while they are still warm. Add the rest of the oil and the balsamic vinegar and mix in the rosemary and thyme.
6To serve, spoon a little of the dressing from the beans onto a plate and then pile up the beans in the middle. With a warm knife, slice a piece of terrine and lay on top of the beans.
7Garnish with picked chervil and drizzle a little more of the dressing over the terrine.
Ben Purton, Chef de Cuisine, Rib Room & Oyster Bar, The Carlton Tower, London, England