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Escargot with Garlic & Parsley Butter
Makes 8 servings
*3 shallots, thinly sliced
*2 celery stalks, thinly sliced
*1 medium carrot, peeled, split and thinly sliced
*1 tbls. minced garlic
*3 tbls. butter
*1 tbls. parsley chiffonade
*1 tsp. thyme, chopped
*28 oz. can escargot, drained
*2 cups white wine
*2 cups chicken stock
*Kosher salt and black pepper to taste
* Garlic & Parsley Butter
*4 lbs. butter
*1 cup parsley, chopped
*1 cup chives, chopped
*4 tbls. garlic, minced
*4 tbls. shallots, minced
*Kosher salt and ground white pepper to taste
*Juice of 1 lemon
*2 cups fine white breadcrumbs
*French bread
1Sweat mirepoix (shallots, celery, carrots) and garlic in butter until soft. Add herbs and drained escargot. Allow to cook for a few minutes. Add white wine and cook until slightly reduced. Add chicken stock to cover and bring to a boil. Reduce heat to simmer. Season with salt and pepper and allow escargot to simmer until tender, 30 minutes or so.
2To prepare Garlic & Parsley Butter, combine butter, parsley, chives, garlic, shallots, lemon juice and seasonings in a mixer using a paddle attachment to process into a uniform paste. Make sure the butter is well seasoned, with good tartness from the lemon juice. (Add more if necessary). The butter should take on a green tint from the crushed herbs.
3In a large shallow casserole, dish arrange escargot and vegetables in a single layer. Dot liberally with garlic butter and sprinkle with fine white breadcrumbs. Place in 350 degree oven for 10-15 minutes to heat through and then under broiler to brown the top.
4Serve with crusty French bread to sop up all the juices.
Seth Woods, Executive Chef/Owner of Aquitaine - Bar á Vin Bistrot, Boston, MA.