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Canyon Ranch Tuna Salad
Makes 4 Servings
*1 can albacore tuna in water, drained, about 6 ounces
*2 tablespoons diced red bell pepper
*2 tablespoons diced yellow bell pepper
*2 tablespoons sweet pickle relish
*2 tablespoons diced celery
*2 tablespoons canola oil mayonnaise
*1/2 teaspoon Dijon mustard
*Pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper
1Combine all ingredients in a medium bowl and mix well.
2Serve immediately or refrigerate, covered, for up to 2 days.
  • EACH 1/4 CUP SERVING CONTAINS APPROXIMATELY: 95 calories, 4 gm. carbohydrate, 6 gm. fat, 4 mg. cholesterol, 12 gm. protein, 246 mg. sodium, Trace fiber

coverCanyon Ranch Chefs, Tucson, Arizona and Lenox, Massachusetts.

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