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Tom's Tasty Sashimi Tuna Salad
with Green Onion Pancakes
Makes 4 Servings
*12 ounces sashimi-grade tuna
*1/3 cup thinly sliced green onions, cut on the bias
*2 1/2-ounce package kiware radish sprouts or substitute 1/3 cup fresh bean sprouts
*1/3 cup loosely packed fresh cilantro leaves
*2 teaspoons toasted sesame seeds
*3/4 cup Sake Sauce, chilled
*4 teaspoons peanut oil
*1 teaspoon sesame oil
*1/2 teaspoon Asian chili oil
*2 Green Onion Pancakes
1Slice the tuna into strips about 1/8-inch thick. Place the sliced tuna in a bowl with the green onions, half the kiware radish sprouts or bean sprouts, the cilantro and sesame seeds.
2Add the Sake Sauce. The sauce must be cold, so as not to cook the raw tuna. Toss gently. Drizzle with the peanut, sesame and chili oils and toss gently again. This salad is best served right away; it is not something you want to marinate for long because this will "cook" the fish.
3Place equal amounts of tuna salad on each of 4 plates. Drizzle extra dressing from the bowl around the plates.
4Cut each warm green onion pancake into 6 wedges and divide them among the plates. Garnish with the remaining kiware radish or bean sprouts.
  • The success of this dish depends on the quality of the tuna. Be sure it is fresh from a purveyor you trust and one with a high turnover of fish. If you're buying from a Japanese market, ask for sashimi-grade tuna, the best available. Use the tuna immediately or store it in the refrigerator wrapped tightly in plastic on a tray of ice for up to a day.
  • Kiware radish sprouts are delicate, beautiful and flavorful. You can substitute mung- or soy-bean sprouts, found in most supermarkets.

From Tom Douglas' Seattle Kitchen (Morrow, 2001)