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Teriyaki Chicken
Makes 6 servings
*1 tbls. olive oil
*1 tbls. margarine
*1 1/2 lbs. thin-sliced chicken breast cutlets
*salt, pepper and garlic salt, to taste
*1/4 cup white wine
*2 tsps. lite soy sauce (divided)
1Heat oil and melt margarine in large non-stick skillet.
2Add chicken to skillet and season top side with salt, pepper, garlic salt. Turn and repeat on other side.
3Cook over mid-high heat until chicken is thoroughly cooked, turning often until brown.
4Add wine and cook 3-5 minutes until wine absorbs.
5Pour 1 tsp. soy sauce over chicken. Allow to heat through.
6Turn chicken cutlets over and add remaining 1 tsp. of soy sauce. Heat through. Turn once more to ensure chicken is flavored with soy sauce.